How to check a cake is fresh or not?

The cake is a delicious dessert that is all we know. However, why do we cut a cake on birthdays or any occasion for that matter? Ancient Greeks began this culture of cutting cakes and blowing candles on birthdays as offerings to their Moon Goddess. Nevertheless, along with changing tradition and civilization, these are understood in different ways. Birthday cake and the number of candles that you place show that you are growing year by year. 

When birthdays are considered to be a special moment in everyone’s life, then the quality of the cake is also treated. You invite guests for birthdays and so you expect a fresh cake on the occasion. It is not easy to identify the difference until unless you taste it and see. Still, you have options to buy fresh cakes online or from home bakers. This blog helps you to find whether a baked cake is fresh or not.

Tips to check a cake is fresh or not

  • If your cake is beautified with dark icing colors, then those colors should not have smudged on the white portion. If so, you can confirm that it is not a fresh cake.
  • Prefer buying a butter cream-bleached cake that prevents air from forming in the cake and keeps the cake always fresh.
  • Do not buy a cake if it has been refrigerated. It might lose its taste and softness when kept outside or in a box. In case you observe someone doing that in the cake shop, deny the order.
  • Buy a fresh cake from a start-up bakery or individual homemade bakers so that you do not put additional effort. Moreover, cake delivery is available at your doorstep effortlessly free of cost. But a few may charge for cake delivery depending on the distance. So, try to choose a baker nearby.
  • Large bakeries always look at the bottom line of income and not the quality. Hence, do not go for buying a fresh cake at a large bakery. Moreover, the cost of the cake will vary upon the design/pattern that you choose.
  • Check with a small bakery that has a kitchen how much time will it take to bake a cake. If you are ordering less quantity of cake, then you can wait at the bakery and collect the cake. This will definitely be a fresh cake and satisfies your purpose of purchasing.
  • A few large bakeries might have sensory machines to check the freshness, taste, and quality of the cake. So if you are buying a cake from such bakery, test it in the sensor and then take it.
  • Buying cakes online is also a good option as they start baking only after they receive the order. Moreover, the cake delivery comes to you at no cost within the said time. 
  • Some bakeries do vacuum-sealed packing which does not allow cakes to lose its freshness. At the same time, this kind of packing will definitely have an expiry date as well. So, check for the same and then purchase it from the bakery.
  • Go to the same bakery that you have established a good relationship with it. In order to, not lose their business; the bakery will definitely bake a fresh cake.

Well, one cannot ignore the fact that the bakeries all over the world are to make money, so it is our mandate to check whether the provided items by the respective bakery are fresh and edible. Especially, when it comes to cake one needs to be more cautious about cross-checking those cakes are fresh and new. 

I hope the above-mentioned details and tips would be helpful for you to sort out the fresh cakes and to stay healthy. 


This blog will surely interest you as looking at the freshness of a cake becomes necessary when you think of the health factor. Do not be too detailed and experimental while buying cakes. At the same time, keep the above points in mind while buying from anyone for that cost.

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