What is the difference between dairy cream and non-diary cream?

Actually, there are different kinds of whipped creams available and each one has its own unique taste. Many people have a confusion regarding about difference betweendairy and non-diary cream, but both are correspondingly favored for cake and pastry decorations. 

Dairy whipping cream

The dairy cream is naturally extracted from dairy milk. This diary cream has a greater fat percentage of up to 35% and also it is very delicious to taste. This cream can also be whipped to a rigid peak as well as widely used to decorate the cakes. Still now, the main test with dairy whipping cream is that is completely a natural product and not an unnaturally processed cream. The only contest lies in discovering the one best method works for you is to whip the cream to a perfect consistency. Definitely, this would take several counts of errors and trials as well.

Furthermore, this dairy whipping cream can be hardly classified as,

  • Light cream
  • Heavy cream
  • Double cream

Few steps that support you to smooth the dairy whip cream

  • Initially, you have to cool the bowl, mixer and then place the cream in a refrigerator
  • After then, you need to use veg gelatin at smooth peaks and then beat to stiff peaks
  • Then, blend half a teaspoon of cream of tartar and one teaspoon of icing sugar. 
  • After, you can add it to the cream at a smooth peak stage and beat till the stiff peaks.

Moreover, you need to keep your bowl and mixer dry for better taste. Even a fleck of water can shake your whipping process. Also, several dairy products are included in this cream. 

Non-diary whipping cream

Normally, the non-dairy whipping cream is tasteless and yet most preferred to make decorating cakes, pastries, mousse, etc. This is actually the most versatile medium of decoration to work with. These non-diary whipping creams is made up of water, stabilizers, vegetable protein, common salt, emulsifiers, edible hydrogenated vegetable oil and occasionally have skimmed milk as well. After then, it is frozen and you have to defrost it in a refrigerator for around 24 hours before you use it. 

Indeed, it is quite hard to handle the whipping cream in the warm weather conditions. Even cooling a cake and keeping the whip cream frosted cake in colder conditions does not cause any problems to the cake that you make. But, the warmer conditions perform tiny support. You also beat a cup of the whipped cream until the smooth peaks and then add gelatin at this stage. At last, beat the cream to rigid peaks and it is ready to use.

The non-dairy whipping cream is commonly referred to as whip topping or non-dairy cream. This cream is usually made from various sources. Some of the common sources are including palm fat, soy, and coconut.


  • Very cheap
  • High stability
  • Very sustainable
  • Withstands moderate temperatures

Furthermore, the non-dairy whipped cream can be classified as,

  • Cream cheese whipped cream
  • Butter whipped cream
  • Bavarian whipped cream

Few steps for preparing a non-dairy whip cream

Stabilize whipping cream:

  • Veg gelatin: ½ teaspoon
  • The flavor of your choice: ½ teaspoon
  • Non-dairy whipping cream: 1 cup

Methods to make:

  • Blend the veg gelatin in water and set aside for about 5 minutes
  • Beat the non-dairy whip cream until smooth peaks
  • Finally, add the gelatin water and whip to stiff peaks

Difference Between Dairy Cream and Non-Dairy Cream

Overall, the only difference between dairy cream and non-dairy cream is its fat content. This is only factual. Apart from the fat difference, it is also real that the non-dairy cream is unstable for applying it to cakes. Comparable, the dairy cream will be more suitable to use in cakes for topping and filling.

Bottom Line

Although dairy and non-dairy cream are used as a topping for a cake but still it plays a significant role in determining the deliciousness of the cake. So, one should give importance to picking the right toppings for the cake to enjoy a delicious cake. 

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